At Eris, our main “product” is our Free and Open Source toolkit, creatively named: Eris.

That said, we are a for profit company and below are the value-add products we offer on top of our FOSS tooling. Our value add products greatly simplify the use of smart contract technology in an enterprise context.

Smart Contract Library Subscription

We offer subscription level access to the world’s first smart contract library focused on specific industries. By providing high-quality, tested smart contract bundles of primitives and templates, the Eris Library greatly reduces the complexity of creating smart contract applications. For your developers, it is a matter of simply completing the last-mile configuration.

Our Smart Contract Library Subscription will give your organization full access to our smart contract bundles. It will also include a fixed allocation of hours which can be used by your team each month to ease your building efforts, meaning your time-to-market with cutting edge smart contract applications will be dramatically reduced.

Allocated hours may be used for:

  • Architecture and design support;
  • Tier 2 development support;
  • Tier 2 operational support; or
  • Smart contract writing.

All of the above is available to subscribers for an annual price roughly equivalent to what two individual build-outs would cost. Subscribers will also have access to one of the most sophisticated smart contract backed applications currently in production (which we use to manage the Library).

This package is the only choice if your firm is interested in rapidly prototyping smart contract applications.

Eris have been a consistent leader in building modular, pluggable, smart contract bundles within the smart contract community. And this package gives your firm access to much of that work in highly tested, stable, and usable bundles.

Managed Eris

Developing using a new technological paradigm can be tricky. That is why we offer our Managed Eris package to help companies make rapid progress, and avoid wasting valuable developer time on setting up environments or getting stuck. Our Managed Eris package offers cloud-based eris environment set up and maintained by our team.

Our Managed Eris package allows your developers to start developing immediately and is great for showcasing early application prototypes internally.

Included in the Managed Eris package is an allocation of hours which may be used for:

  • Architecture and design support; or
  • Tier 2 development support.

If your firm just needs some hand holding while your developers get up to speed with this technology, then this is the package for you.

N.B. – Eris is FOSS and can run nearly anywhere, there is absolutely zero requirement to buy this package if you just want to run eris and have the operational expertise inside your firm.

Smart Contract Specification & Drafting

Eris Industries has already delivered smart contract systems to many of the world’s best companies, ranging from bulge bracket banks to insurance conglomerates.

For select clients, we do full smart contract specification and drafting work, either in combination with your existing systems integration partner or one of Eris’ existing partner relationships.

These services can include everything from assessing the use case and the business requirements, to designing the application architecture, to writing smart contract code. Please note that we do not offer systems integration or user interface services at all. We are, however, happy to collaborate with your developers or your preferred systems integration partner.

Applications could range from developing proofs-of-concept to explore how smart contracts could be integrated into the enterprise, to developing pilot or even production-level systems that will handle real-world data.

Capacity for this is extremely limited and only for pre-selected clients. We offer this work in bundles of hours which are pre-purchased by your organization and may be used whenever necessary.

Eris Partners’ Program

(Coming Soon!)