“The Swiss Army Knife of the blockchain.”

-PricewaterhouseCoopers, as told to CoinDesk

“…a leader in using smart contracts to automate business processes between organizations.”


“The Eris platform greatly reduces the complexity of creating blockchain-based applications… (and) makes it simple and easy for your organization to get started using permissionable, smart contract capable blockchains.”


“Five stars… Eris provides a solid platform for building advanced financial applications based on one of the most interesting and probably misunderstood technologies, namely smart contracts and blockchain.”


“A customized (ErisDB) blockchain is used for Microwork.io’s reputation system… the high level of customization offered by (ErisDB) made it the right choice for Microwork.io during the development process.”

-Microwork.io in Bitcoin Magazine


“The key point is that (Eris Industries’ technology) could be a huge cost-saver in terms of corporate infrastructure.”

-Business Insider

“Eris’ model might actually change the existing financial industry more so than the solely Bitcoin-based businesses have done to date.”

-American Banker

“In looking at efficiency gains, the potential changes to existing practices and transaction structure in capital markets are expansive. Eris (Industries) sees a host of new realities that could govern how transactions are conducted and managed through blockchain automation.”

-American Banker

“The nice thing about the Eris proposition is that they see the value of blockchain systems linked to the data structure and the use case… combining trust and self-serving utility into the design allows for better and more efficient systems because it allows for reversibility. Flexibility is needed if these systems are to account for human fallibility.”

-Financial Times - Alphaville

“What’s key (with Eris’ technology) is the idea of “smart contracts,” which function as a set of automated instructions for a computer to perform if a set of conditions is in place. Blockchain-adjudicated smart contracts can make organizational processes more efficient and integrated.

A proprietary blockchain solution could… allow a multinational to fluidly integrate communications between the otherwise independently formed databases and software systems of different subsidiaries in different countries.”

-The Wall Street Journal

Subject-matter experts:

“…Eris can be distinguished based on their focus. They are the result of the continuous search for ‘non-currency’ applications of blockchain technologies.”

-EBA Working Group on Electronic and Alternative Payments, “Cryptotechnologies: a major IT innovation and catalyst for change,”

“For our clients, if they’re going to be investing in this stuff, it’s not going to be on a whim… so in the short-term, we’re going to do this because it saves money on clearing and settlement. But in the long run, we’re going to do it because it’s going to restructure the way that parts of an industry are going to work…

…that’s what kind of caught my eye when I first read (Eris’) stuff: that this is realistic.”

-Dave Birch, Tomorrow’s Transactions

“(Eris Industries has) managed to beat to market other proposed systems and it uses agnostic tech (not necessarily Bitcoin ‘rails’), to settle/move contracts on a blockchain.”

-Tim Swanson, “Eris launches an actual smart contract decentralized application platform,”

“(Eris is) thinking almost 5 years too far ahead. Here’s a definite business goal, especially in terms of enterprise. If you can roll this out and do immense cost savings for companies, it’s a definite winner.”

-Simon de la Rouviere, “Eris and Dapp Infrastructure

“For a system like Eris, the security is as good as the person in charge [that] you trust. Now if you do a system where, say (you’ve) got five different banks on five different continents, each signing blocks in a 3 of 5 system — that can be very secure.”

-Peter Todd, CoinTelegraph interview