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Another simple question about services.

So what exactly is happening when I run, say, the Bitcoin service. Have I connected to the Bitcoin Network as a miner? Am I able to build a wallet to use this connection to send receive bitcoin? Am I able to specify an address to receive block rewards? Am I missing the point entirely? Thanks for your patience lol
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And Of course those are simplest uses of the Blockchain but I'm just trying to grasp what is it going on at a basic level
or is this simply a bitcoin style chain as opposed to the default tindermint?


When you do, say, `eris services start btcd` what is happening is that you are running a bitcoin full node using the ( btcd program. By default it does not mine, but runs a full node. You can configure the node however you like according to the btcd's configuration. 

Eris is doing no more that starting and stopping the node according to however you tell eris to start it in the btcd service definition file which should be located in ~/.eris/services/btcd.toml.

Ok thank you. So just to be clear if I wanted to mine with that node (and I don't) what would I configure? Not the service definition file right? Bitcoind has the .conf file and it has commands. When I want to mine using btcd (or mine my test chain) where is this determined?

That was good fodder for a blog post. Hope you don't mind me answering there....

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just read great answer! I imagined the file would be in a container but didn't know exactly where and how to work with it. thank you

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